About horsetrotting

Horse Trotting is for people who love to travel and who love horses – and are thrilled when the two meet.

This can take the form of pony trekking across interesting landscapes, visiting horsey cultural sites and/or attending horse sport events around the world.

In this magazine-style blog, you’ll read about experiences travelling to interesting places (near and far from my home in Ontario, Canada), while enjoying horse culture, meeting horse people and patronizing trail riding operators who take their horse care seriously.

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No daily over-load. Just enough to keep you dreaming about travel and trail riding.

I’m by no means an expert rider. I’m just as happy in tail-to-nose Western trail rides as I am in English riding lessons practicing my non-existent jumping skills. But passion for horses I have in spades.

When travelling, I look for ways to experience the country-side from the vantage point of the saddle, whether that means a one-hour trail ride, a three-hour faster-paced hack or a two-day camp cookout in the wild.

Like you, I love discovering horse culture in all corners of the globe, and meeting the people who love these creatures like family.

I’m also very interested your experiences – good and bad – at similar and different places. So please full up the comments section with ideas and experiences of your own.final-0750

Happy Trails to all.

Also, if you love dogs (and what horse lover doesn’t?) checkout: www.dogtrotting.net

canada flas

Enjoy. Sherri


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    1. Thanks! For a newbie you know a lot about riding. I’d love if you signed up. I only post twice a month so readers aren’t overwhelmed.


  1. Love the horses.


    1. Me too. There is something so remarkably therapeutic about being around them.


  2. Pam Metzger · · Reply

    Fell upon your site while looking for a kissing horses meme. Love riding wherever I travel to see the countryside and discover horsemanship differences. Planning my next ride in Sweden, possibly Germany this summer.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good to hear it. I’d love to visit both Sweden and Germany … sounds amazing. (I haven’t been to either yet).


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