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Can-Am All Breeds Equine Expo 2019 horse www.horsetrotting.net

Weekend Horse Escape: Can-Am All Breed Equine Expo 2019

More than an hour in a Building Six full of horse stalls and a small sand arena and I’m no where near bored. Few things make me happier than the smell of a barn, hay and yes, horses. One thing’s clear: I need to get back in a saddle. So, this week I’m planning some […]

Percheron named Brook at Mountsberg Conservation Area, Campbellville, Ontario,Canada

Meet Brook – a Maple Sugar Charmer at Mountsberg Conservation Area

Meet Brook – a remarkably charming dapple-grey Percheron at Mountsberg Conservation Area in Halton region, Ontario. That’s right, farm horses at a conservation site – a site with horse-drawn carriages through the ‘sugar bush.’ Only today, the carriage ride was pulled by a tractor and the Percheron team of Brook, Sally and Judy were left […]

Equestrian Ian Millar at Royal Winter Fair, Toronto

Toronto: Royal Agricultural Winter Fair Again; Ian Millar Wins Again!

Equestrian show jumper Ian Millar is one of the greatest under-recognized athletes Canada has ever produced. My opinion was confirmed, once again, Saturday, November 5, 2016, after watching the Greenhawk Canadian Show Jumping Championships Round Two at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto. Sure, he’s been dubbed decades ago ‘Captain Canada’ by Canadian horse […]

Recruiting and riding in Brant County … Again

Get other people hooked on riding? I’m game. Anytime someone who hasn’t ridden horses before (or in a long time) suggests they’re interested in giving it a try, I’m more than happy to sign up a potential new enthusiast. Most of the time, they’re referring to trail riding Western-style rather than an introductory lesson in […]