Magic Moment in the Sun

Thought I’d reblog this post – beautiful pic and reminder that horses are pets, family and friends.

Bee and the Horse

Today, for the first time, Nazir let me sit beside him while he was lying down. So amazing!
I should mention that I never see him lie on the paddock or in his box, and he never rolls when I’m standing close by. Which makes today even more special…
After taking a little walk, I brought him back to the paddock and sat down on the warm sand. The sun was nice and warm and I played a little with the dirt. Nazir came up to me, sniffed at the freshly turned-over sand, and showed signs of wanting to roll. I thought, wow, that would be a first! He actually got down and enjoyed his sand bath, just next to me! Just as he wanted to get up I approached him and offered him some carrot pieces that I had in my pockets. We sat like this for a while…

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