Peterborough, Ontario: No Flies on me at the Lang Pioneer Village

Pioneer Horse Fly Net

Pioneer Horse Fly Net

Who knows if this fly mask actually worked, but it’s one of the many century-old artifacts – most agriculture-related – restored and even used at Lang Pioneer Village, a living history museum. This horse fly net could be catalogue ordered in the late 1800’s, and it’s one of the many items on display in a building currently groomed to become the more traditional display hall at Lang Pioneer Village near Peterborough.

peterborough Telenko 006 - Copy I have a soft spot for ‘living history,’ and these types of pioneer villages that embody a genuine love of history. Enthusiastic volunteers share the stories of the time, while conquering the heat discomfort that comes with strolling in the sun wearing a century-old outfit. Behold the merger of acting and teaching, during a day in the fresh air!peterborough Telenko 040

Located 16 kilometers outside of Peterborough, Lang Pioneer Village was established in 1967 as a centennial project when 18 original buildings were relocated to this site, near a restored gristmill. The intention is to create an immersive village atmosphere that documents the living and working conditions of very early settlers of the area who adapted First Nations survival strategies, and those who later in the century built houses, hotels and general stores. There’s 100 years of representation here.

Visit a working blacksmith, smell bread baking in a home hearth, or slide into a seat in a one-room schoolhouse and try your hand at cursive writing with an ink well pen. There are animals on-site but no horses … only horse equipment and wooden models like this one.

Love this? Check out Toronto’s Riverdale Farms for some real horses.


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