6 New Equine Products You Should Know About (Thanks SuperZoo!)

horsetrotting.net six equine products 2017A couple nights after Christmas and all through the house, visions of Boxing Week sales are dancing in my head. On Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer and Vixen (assuming these are horses) let’s get to the equine tack shops this week for all the discounts on off season coats, boots, chaps, breeches and more.

I’ll be spending my favourite holiday – between Christmas and New Years – checking out the sales at Greenhawk Tack Shop, three locations within an easy drive of me, and Pleasant Ridge Equestrian supply store in Brantford, Ontario. The latter is a large independent and dog friendly, so my crazy terrier-cross and star of dogtrotting.net Victor will be going with me.

horsetrotting.net logoEquestrian coats, hoodies and sweaters are my favourite fall and winter go to gear, whether I’m riding or not. Recently I’ve even directed non-equestrians (yes, they’re out there) to tack shops for this reason.

Looking forward to what I find this week.

First, here’s a roundup of horse gear, supplies and novelties I found at SuperZoo 2017 pet trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada last August.

Horses, unfortunately, weren’t highly represented at the pet show – it’s time we moved these majestic creatures out of the category of working animal and into our hearts and families where they belong.

Here are 6 Cool Equine Products at SuperZoo 2017:

spurr's hoof fix horse product1. No Hoof Left Unfixed: Hoof Fix

Any horse owner will tell you, good feet are essential to a good horse.

Clearly, horses don’t have feet. What they’re talking about is hooves and like human hair and nails, equine hooves need to be conditioned to avoid drying and cracking. Hoof Fix from Spurr’s Big Fix (affiliate link) won second in the New Product Showcase Equine category as SuperZoo 2017, and according to company testimonials, this easy to apply, all natural cream moisturizes hooves better than traditional pine tar.

Spurr’s Big Fix contains non-drying Tea Tree and other essential oils, and it’s made in America.

2. Foot Fun: Sock for Horse Lovers

Speaking of feet, don’t forget yours. I’ll take one pair of these clever unisex dress socks in every colour and style from Wheel House(affiliate link). Some horse motifs announce your passion to the world.

Or, if you want to get specific, others offer images of breeds such as Quarter Horses and Morgan, and even riding disciplines such as Dressage and Western cowgirls. Tall boot lengths are available too.

Wheel House owner Gail Bourne designs all the patterns, including dogs, cats, birds and more. Everything is made in Morrisville, Vermont, U.S.A. Bourne started the business from her kitchen table in 1989 and now has more than 450 designs distributed worldwide.

3. Mineral Lick: Redmond Rocks

Salt licks are popular – and sometimes necessary – additions to a grazing routine, but Redmond based in Utah, takes it one-step further by producing equine salt and mineral rocks and supplements.

Redmond has been mining salt in Utah for decades and it’s most popular horse product, the Redmond Rock (affiliate link), is a 3 to 5 pound or 7 to 10 pound (two sizes) chunk of natural sea salt containing trace minerals and electrolytes. According to the company, the minerals, such as calcium, phosphorus and potassium, make horses more energetic, stronger and athletic.

What caught my eye at SuperZoo (other than the giant poster of a horse) was the Redmond Rock (affiliate link) ‘salt on a rope’ option, ideal for hanging in a stall or fence post bringing a little ‘Old Spice’ style spruce up to your Geldings’ surroundings.

The company also has two types of granulated forms or Redmond Rock: Daily Gold for stress relief and digestive support and Daily Red (affiliate link) for added electrolytes and coat health.

4. Stay Cool: CoolAid Equine Icing Hock Wraps

CoolAid horse hock icing supportAlso new in the horse category at SuperZoo 2017 is CoolAid’s Equine Icing/cooling Hock Wraps that work similar to kid stuff we’ve been using for decades. The wrap stays around the animal’s leg with Velcro flaps but first is chilled or frozen depending on need.

Wet the wrap in cold water, wring it out and shake it. If you need it colder, wet it until the colour darkens, let excess water run off, and place it in the freezer for 30 minutes or in a bucket of ice. According to the company, CoolAid uses evaporative technology so remove it after ten minutes and shake it to reactivate.

The product is sold in pairs and comes in four sizes ranging from yearling to draft. This pink version is particularly striking.

5. Horse Litter: EcoPett Bedding

EcoPett horse stall productsMucking horse stalls is time consuming and messy. No news there.

EcoPett, a division of Confluence Energy, posed the classic question: there has to be a better way. So the company, focused on environmental sustainability, developed a new product called EcoPett bedding – small pine pellets that absorb moisture quickly and expand up to five times their size. Using this product, you simply have to scoop the soiled area of the stall, similar to cleaning cat litter.

Also, unlike straw, shavings and paper, according to the company, it doesn’t have to be replenished as often and what you are removing is less. If you’ve got cats, small pets, chickens or sheep, it works for these animals too. It even repels bugs apparently.

Confluence Energy claims it uses only local beetle-kill pine and other natural ingredients and derives fifty percent of its energy from renewable, biomass sources.

6. Support Mobility: tomlyn Joint & Hip Support for Horses

tomlyn horse joint support productsI’ve used tomlyn joint support supplements for my dog for years. (affiliate link) No surprise the company has expanded its line to include equine supplements.

The horse version contains Artphyton and glucosamine that, according to tomlyn, “supports animals with joint tenderness due to everyday activity; supports a healthy inflammatory response; and helps maintain healthy bone and joint function ingredients.”

Apparently, it’s best when taken on a full stomach (when aren’t horse eating?) and can be used for up to ten days consecutively.

Now I’m off to the tack shop sales … and I’m looking forward to SuperZoo 2018, hopefully with few more horse products represented.

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