Whispering Hearts Horse Fun Open House, Hagersville, Ontario

whispering hearts 6Anytime I can combine dogs and horses (and even a cat or two), it’s a good day.

July 13, 2019 was a good day – welcome to the 12th annual Whispering Hearts Horse Rescue Open House/fun day fundraiser.

Whispering Hearts Horse Rescue (WHHR) in Hagersville, Ontario, Canada is well known among regional horse people, first for being a last chance for abused and neglected equine, many living out their lives here and many no longer sound for riding or work. Others are adopted to caring homes.

Second, WHHR is known for animal rights activism, specifically lobbying to replace the provincial system for investigating horse abuse.  I’ve written about Whispering Hearts before, and since then the lobbying has intensified and rescued herd grown.


Today is about celebration, specifically providing a fun day for visitors looking for a bargain at the garage sale, hoping to win raffle and silent auction prizes, emptying the bake sale and barbeque of food or bringing kids to bounce the day away at the bouncy castle. Then meet the residents.


Horses are the celebrities here, especially the charming minis who took a (unreciprocated) shine to my dog, and Whispering Hearts poster boy Jake, the 50-year-old donkey.

If you’ve wondered what 60 grazing horses look like on a 48-acre farm, head out to Whispering Hearts on visitor’s day. A few friendly ones mingle in front paddocks while most pass the time in the far field.


Or check out the tack shop open evenings Monday, Wednesday and Friday and during the day Saturday and Sunday. Donated new and used tack contribute to the feed and medical fund.



  1. Darn.  I’d have gone had I known about it in advance.  What a wonderful initiative.  i.

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    1. They often have a holiday one too in the fall.


  2. […] Hagersville: Pictures with Father Christmas, Whispering Hearts Horse Rescue Centre, 1652 Concession 10 Walpole, Hagersville, 1 to 4 pm. Benefiting Whispering Hearts. […]


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