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Horseback Riding at Long Bay Beach with Provo Ponies while travelling in Turks and Caicos

Guest Post: Horseback riding in the Turks and Caicos Islands by Michele Peterson

“Help, help,” my 10-year old grandson shouted as he flailed in the water, his arms slapping the ocean surface. “What’s happening?” I asked, imagining the worst. But thanks to the clear underwater visibility in Turks and Caicos, I could he was actually kneeling in water less than a foot deep. Puzzled, I stepped closer to […]

Dominican Republic Part II: Riding in Punta Cana, Beyond the Resorts

The tourist trade is the bread and butter of Punta Cana’s economy in the Dominican, and the vacation landscape in this region is changing. Two luxury resorts, where I stayed, are the Paradisus Palma Real, a boutique-style hotel with a Royal Service upgrade, and the newly renovated Paradisus Punta Cana, described as a resort within a […]

Dominican Republic Part I: Riding in Punta Cana at HorsePlay, a Canadian connection

One thing I love about riding outside of North American is less worry about liability and more about experience. On a ride in the Dominican, I’m one of the few tourists in jeans and boots astride a western-ridden horse very familiar with the brush we trotting through, though having no interest in following the herd […] 2014 Calendar now available

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Pink Sand and Painted Ponies: Wake up to Bermuda Trail Riding

Never before have I ridden a horse into the waves of the ocean, and for a short period of time I got to do that on the back of Gypsy, a 12-year-old mild-mannered Paint who’s happy to be cooling down first thing in the Bermuda morning. I’m trail riding at the crack of dawn (tack […]