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Riverdale Farms: Rural Sanctuary in Urban Toronto

This public destination has been a not so secret retreat for decades: at 7.5 acres in size, the Riverdale Farm smack in the middle of a dense residential area in downtown Toronto, Ontario (201 Winchester Street), is a rural sanctuary from city chaos. Riverdale is a living farm museum designed to give urbanites big and […]

Texas: Still Remembering San Antonio – this time at the Briscoe Western Art Museum

I love horses and I love art. I especially love horses in art, as some collage prints hanging on my living room walls (purchased from the annual Toronto Outdoor Art show the first weekend in July) attests. But that’s as far as I put equine and art together until I visited the Briscoe Western Art Museum in […]

horsetrotting.net events page update!

  Extra, extra, read all about it … the events page on horsetrotting.net has been updated, so you can plan your 2014/2015 equine adventures. Click for event page here: https://horsetrotting.net/equine-events/    

Part II: Overnight with Bison while riding in Saskatchewan

We spot bison, a highlight on this trail ride through Prince Albert National Park thanks to Gord Vaadeland from Sturgeon River Ranch Adventures in Saskatchewan. This is possibly the only one in North America that can claim proximity to these rare and massive creatures that once roamed this region in remarkable numbers. Today the herd in […]

Replica Chinese Tang horse

Texas: From Tang to Tomb – Chinese Horses in Art and History

Tang Emperors, from the Chinese Tang Dynasty (618-907), were avid horse fanciers who, according to historians, built heated stables for their favourite equines. A lot of their sturdy and well-groomed mounts (useful in battle) were imported from Central Asia and ceramic versions of these revered beasts have been found in many tombs. Many, like this […]

Toronto Medieval Times: Horse crazy date night

When a fifty-year old man is willing to wear a paper crown and is excited to get front row tickets because his 47-year-old girlfriend wants to see Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament horse show, you know he’s a keeper. And that’s how I spent my birthday this year:  cheering on the Blue Night, loving the […]

Dominican Republic Part I: Riding in Punta Cana at HorsePlay, a Canadian connection

One thing I love about riding outside of North American is less worry about liability and more about experience. On a ride in the Dominican, I’m one of the few tourists in jeans and boots astride a western-ridden horse very familiar with the brush we trotting through, though having no interest in following the herd […]

Toronto: All About Pets … And Horses Easter Weekend

  If anyone doubts the growing pet industry’s magnitude – or our justifiable obsession with our fury friends – attend the annual All About Pets Show (and Ontario’s Mane Event) at the Mississauga International Centre near the Toronto airport in Ontario, Canada. Now in its 21st year, and always held on Easter weekend, more than […]

Dream Ride: Where I’d love to saddle up this year

I’m a little late with my New Year’s aspirations (better than resolutions) but I’m still thinking about where, when and how I want to get in the saddle this year. My plan is to find an instructor willing to take me out on a few English pony trekking lessons to prepare me for the speed […]

Meet Your Food and More at the Royal Winter Fair, Toronto

Congratulations to Yann Candele, and his horse Aboard Game Ready, who earned his third title win at the Greenhawk Canadian Show Jumping Championship opening weekend of The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair on November 2, 2013. While the fair is all about bringing the country to the city, specifically Exhibition Place along Toronto’s downtown lakeshore (farmers still […]

Pink Sand and Painted Ponies: Wake up to Bermuda Trail Riding

Never before have I ridden a horse into the waves of the ocean, and for a short period of time I got to do that on the back of Gypsy, a 12-year-old mild-mannered Paint who’s happy to be cooling down first thing in the Bermuda morning. I’m trail riding at the crack of dawn (tack […]

Wild Horses of Cumberland Island

Even from a distance, the images of wild Cumberland horses etched themselves into my mind’s eye. I only discovered Cumberland Island, Georgia because I visited Florida’s Amelia Island that’s 18-miles long and three miles wide and a half hour drive from the Jacksonville International Airport. I was there to experience one of Florida’s lesser known […]

Polo Demo at Upper Canada Village

Polo is the sport of kings – you have to have money to travel with several horses per match. This is a photo from a polo demonstration during the annual Horse Lovers Festival (August 31 to September 2, 2013) at Upper Canada Village in Morrisburg, Ontario. Upper Canada Village is a living historical site and […]

Icelandic Charmers: Ponies with Plenty of Heart

“Hey you,” Svala shouts at me, “take this horse,” and hands me the reins of a white Icelandic pony tall enough that its withers meet my chest. I was distracted taking photos of this charming herd that’s been corralled into a pen and distributed, one by one, to a group of tourists from all over […]

Donkey at the Lazy 5 Ranch

Lazy 5 Ranch Greeter This little charmer posed perfectly for a photo while he greeted cars along the entrance to the Lazy 5 Ranch in Mooresville, North Carolina. In this zoo, or safari fun park, the animals roam free (most hooved) and the people stay in their cars feeding the creatures from rolled down windows. […]

The Open Trail, Cowboy Style: Riding the Niagara Region

Experience the Niagara Escarpment on Horseback The moment I get on a horse, time stands still. The rest of the world fades away, and worries are a distant horizon. This isn’t only because it’s an experience like no other, but because it requires concentration and focus. You’re on the back of a majestic animal with […]