Travel, Caledon, Ontario: Pan Am Games Equestrian Jumping Finals

Individual JIndividual Jumping Gold Medalist U.S. Mclain Ward on Rothchild

Individual Jumping Gold Medalist U.S. Mclain Ward on Rothchild

The Pan Am Equestrian games wrapped up today, July 25 (along with other sports) and the Canadian Jumping team was riding high after yesterday’s Team Jumping gold medal win. After a disappointing first round, they needed no or few faults in round two to not only improve their score but also secure a place in the Rio Summer Olympics. Showgirl, ridden by Yann Candele in his hometown of Caledon, Ontario, was purchased by the Canadian Equestrian Team to help improve the team’s chances of qualifying.

CAN Eric Lamaze

CAN Eric Lamaze during the first qualifying round

Fortunately, three out of four riders rode clean rounds (but incurred time faults) and the fourth score – from team captain Ian Millar on Dixon – was not counted in the final tally. Thanks to errors from other teams, Canada took the team jumping gold (and Olympic qualification), followed by Argentina with the silver and the United States in third place.

Unfortunately, the elation of winning was not transferred to today after the individual jumping event. Canada did not score high, but the U.S. launched a comeback resulting in two medal wins: McLain Ward riding Rothchild took home gold and Lauren Hough on Ohlala, the bronze. Venezuela’s Andres Rodriguez on Darlon Van Groenhove earned the silver medal.

Overall, Canada won five Pan Am 2015 Equestrian medals, three behind the U.S. win of eight and ahead of Brazil with three. The Pan Am Games – Toronto 2015 – officially closes Sunday, July 26, 2015.

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Individual Jumping Silver Medalist U.S. Lauren Hough on Ohlala

Individual Jumping Silver Medalist U.S. Lauren Hough on Ohlala



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