Travel, Ontario: Upper Canada Village Canadian Horse Naming Contest!

new foal at Upper Canada Village

It’s a boy! So cute.

It’s a boy!

Upper Canada Village in Morrisburg, Ontario has a new purebred Canadian Horse Foal. In celebration of 350 years of the Canadian Horse (the country’s national horse) residents of Ontario can name him.

Here’s the criteria: the name has to begin with ‘C’ – a stipulation of the Canadian Livestock Registry for all purebred Canadian Horses born in 2015. Of course, it  also has to be appropriate for a horse, setting and use by handlers.

Kids are encouraged to enter because the winner will be the Grand Marshall in the Canadian Horse Parade during the Horse Lover’s Festival at Upper Canada Village on Sept 5, 2015.

If you don’t know, the Canadian Horse is a historically significant breed. Descended from draft and riding horses imported to Canada (then New France) in the 1600s by King Louis XIV, the first shipment arrived in 1665 – 350 years ago. These hardy ‘little iron horses,’ as they were called, were instrumental to the European settlement of this county.

foal at Upper Canada Village

Name to the foal contest at Upper Canada Village

However, by the late 1800s, the breed was almost extinct, and by the 1970s, there were only 400 left worldwide. Breeding efforts (like those at Upper Canada Village) have increased those numbers significantly, but the Canadian Livestock Conservancy still considers the Canadian Horse to be a threatened breed.

So, you can see why the birth of this clever little fellow is worthy of celebration – and he’s worthy of a royal name!

The contest is open until August 23, 2015. Here is the contest entry form.

Read more about Upper Canada Village in a previous post.

Based on what I can find, there isn’t a lot written about this horse. But check out this one book I found (and will read) about the Canadian Horse. Maybe it’s time to write one? What do you think? Any ideas for names? Please post in comments.


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