Contest! Win a Kurgo Dog Harness at

TFSH_black_large_01__64742.1398777776.178.178Attention all horsey dog-lovers! Few horse lovers don’t have dogs so here’s a great chance to win a great product that I use on my dog, especially while travelling:

Welcome to a great group giveaway that we’re co-hosting with DogTipper! Along with some other super blogs, we’re giving away a dog harness in the winner’s choice of styles from Kurgo.

TFSH_3085_01__04451.1402951819.178.178Dog harnesses are a wonderful way to explore the world with your dog — without risk of damage to your dog’s neck or trachea from a sudden pull. Excellent for dogs who slip out of their collars, harnesses also help prevent leash tangling.

Kurgo offers a wide variety of dog harnesses, from those for car safety to harnesses specially designed to hold your GoPro camera to record your day’s adventures! Special harnesses offer waterproof fabrics, reflective fabrics, and more to help make your upcoming fall adventures fun and safe.


I recommend these Kurgo Tru-fit harnesses and use mine often with my 11-year-old schnoodle Victor. Combined with a Kurgo leash that attaches around my waist, I’ve managed to guide Vic through a lot of crowds and festivals with relative ease. (Check out our Pawlooza adventure here).

If you need a harness and can’t wait to win the contest pick up your own here – well worth it!



  1. cool product


    1. True, they are. I have one for my dog Victor and it’s saved me a lot of frustration especially in crowds because he pulls. He’s good in the car, though.


  2. Congrats to Bonnie D., the winner of the Kurgo dog harness. Thanks to all for checking out and following me on Twitter!

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