Travel (Toronto): The Royal Rocks Part II: Eventing Jumping Finals

Eventing Royal Winter Fair 2015

Seven-time winner Waylon Roberts of Port Perry, ON, won the $20,000 Horseware Indoor Eventing Challenge at the Royal Horse Show® in Toronto, ON.” Photo by Ben Radvanyi Photography, (CNW Group/Royal Agricultural Winter Fair)

I’m not sure if Indoor Eventing is my favourite equestrian event.

Riders race through a jumping course designed to resemble outdoor obstacles – water features, platform jumps, and wide pie-shaped blocks of gravel – at breakneck speeds. And the risk of breaking necks (and legs) seems high too … too high for my taste, anyway. I’ve witnessed some gut-retching wipeouts for both rider and horse, and no one likes to see anyone, especially horses, hurt. (This isn’t hockey, folks).

Fortunately, at the Horseware Indoor Eventing Final at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto, Ontario on November 7, 2015, no serious wipeouts occurred.

Waylon Roberts on West River took the win. 

Yet, despite my reservation, I watched from the edge of my seat, heart pounding and barely breathing, as seven professional eventing contestants competed for $20,000 in prize money (divided among them). Thumping rock music sound-tracked each ride and often the reserved Canadian crowd had to be encouraged to cheer each rider.

Show jumping, like golf, is usually a breath-holding respectful event as each rider (and audience) gives full concentration to course and jumps.

Not Indoor Eventing. This is release-your-inner-hounds  show jumping on steroids. (Not really, that’s just an expression).

The 45-minute Horseware Indoor Eventing Final resulted in the following finish:

  • First: Waylon Roberts on West River
  • Second: Bruce Davidson Jr. on Wundermaske
  • Third: Holly Jacks-Smither on Dynamo
  • Fourth: Karl Slezak on Fernhill Wishes
  • Fifth: Selena O’Hanlon on Uptown Girl
  • Sixth: Kendal Lehari on RF D’Orbalia
  • Seventh: Jessica Phoenix on Bentley’s Best

Want to read the complete coverage (with video) of the FIRST round of Eventing at the Royal? Check out this coverage in Eventing Magazine: Back on Top: Waylon Roberts Wins First Night of Indoor Eventing at the Royal | Eventing Nation – Three-Day Eventing News, Results, Videos, and Commentary

Or checkout my Greenhawk Canadian Show Jumping coverage: Royal Part I


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