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Eventing Royal Winter Fair 2015

Travel (Toronto): The Royal Rocks Part II: Eventing Jumping Finals

I’m not sure if Indoor Eventing is my favourite equestrian event. Riders race through a jumping course designed to resemble outdoor obstacles – water features, platform jumps, and wide pie-shaped blocks of gravel – at breakneck speeds. And the risk of breaking necks (and legs) seems high too … too high for my taste, anyway. […]

Travel, Caledon, Ontario: PanAm Equestrian Eventing Silver

Lead by ‘Captain Canada,’ the legendary Ian Millar, the Canadian Eventing Team took third place at the PanAm Games with a score of 163 overall after three days of dressage, cross-country and jumping. The U.S. won the gold with a score of 133 and not far behind was the impressive Brazilian team with a score of 140.70.

Travel, Toronto, Ontario: Disappointing Equestrian Facility at PanAm Games

Toronto, Canada is not a city full of rip-off tourist attractions and that’s part of its charm.
Or it was … until the PanAm Games came to town. What a racket – a least that’s how I feel about the Equestrian Games in Caledon, a small town east of Toronto.